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Investing in massage and yoga is an investment in your health. Not only is physical pain manifested in our body but emotional stress as well. This buildup of stress can show up in our bodies as a stiff neck, headaches, or a hurt low back, etc. 

Making time for Massage and/or Restorative Yoga can help to reset your nervous system to a more balanced state and that can lead to less pain, physical and emotional .  

Massage Treatments 

Therapuetic Massage 

 Therapuetic Massage can be a deeper tissue massage is similar to swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the structural layer enveloping muscles, bones, and joints). The deep tissue technique focuses releasing chronic muscle tension and adhesion (a.k.a knots), and breaking up scar tissue from past injuries.


Relaxation Massage 

This massage will have completly relaxed and renewed. The goal of this massage is to relax the entire body by incorporating long gliding strokes, circular pressure applied by the hands and palms, firm kneading and gentle pressure in tight areas.


Hot Stone Therapy 

Smooth lava rocks are heated and used on the body. Either stagent or moving heated rocks help to open up blood vessels encouraging blood and circulation to the area all while softening hard muscle tissue. Hot stones are a free option with any massage. 

Cupping Therapy 

silicon or plastic cups are used to create suction on muscle tissue. This encourages blood, lymph, and muscle waste to the surface of the skin in order to be pushed back into circualtion and hopefully out of the body.   

doTERRA essential oil massage / HALE CBD massage  

Request doTERRA essential with your Therpautic or Relaxation massage for added benefits and relief. 


Restorative Yoga (personal session) COMING SOON!!! 

Experience conscious rest with restorative yoga. A restorative yoga practice has little movement and is passive and completly supported by props. This allows the individual to sink in deeply to poses like child pose or legs up the wall while letting the layers unfold, creating release and opening in the body (and mind).  

doTERRA Essential Oil Massage $80 / 60 minutes
doTERRA Essential Oil Massage $110 / 90 minutes
HALE CBD Massage $80 / 60 minutes
HALE CBD Massage $110 / 60 minutes
Relaxation Massage$70 / 60 minutes
Relaxation Massage$100 / 90 minutes
Restorative Yoga $70 / 75 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$70 / 60 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$100 / 90 minutes
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